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March Birth Flower

March Birth Flower – Daffodil & Jonquil


Daffodil | #593 in Floriography Today

| Daffadown Dilly | Daffydowndilly | Daffodil | Great Daffodil | Narcissus major |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Annunciation; Appreciation of honesty; Beauty; Chivalry; Clarity of thought; Contentment; Deceitful hopes; Egotism; Energy that comes from being in love; Excessive self-love; Faith; Forgiveness; Formality; Forthrightness; High regards; Honesty; Hope; Inner beauty; Love; New beginnings; Promise of Eternal Life; Regard; Rebirth; Renewal; Respect; Resurrection and Rebirth; Self-esteem; Self concept; Self-love; Simple pleasures; Singular love and chivalry; Stay as sweet as you are; Sunlight; Sunshine; The sun shines when I’m with you; Truth; Uncertainty; Unrequited love; Unreturned love; Vanity; You’re the only one; Vanity and Death; Vanity and egoism;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Aphrodisiac; Fertility; Love; Luck;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: The Narcissus is the flower of The Underworld. • Animals do not eat the Narcissus flower because the sap contains sharp crystals. • Wear a Narcissus flower over your heart for good luck. • During Medieval times in Europe it was thought that if a Narcissus drooped while it was being looked at, it was an omen of death. • Chicken farmers were superstitious and would not allow Narcissus into their homes as they believed they were unlucky and would stop their hens from laying eggs or keep the eggs from hatching. • In Maine there is a superstition that if you point at a Narcissus with your index finger it will not bloom. • The Chinese believe that the Narcissus is lucky and will bring good luck for an entire year if forced to bloom during the Chinese New Year. • Fresh Narcissus flowers in a vase in the bedroom bodes well for fertility.



Jonquil | #594 in Floriography Today

Narcissus jonquilla
| Jonquil | Jonquille |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection returned; Desire; Desires fulfilled; Longings; Love me; Return my affection; Sympathy; I desire a return of affection; Have pity on my passion; Return my affection; Violent Sympathy and Desire;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: The favorite flower of England’s Queen Anne, who loved the Narcissus jonquilla so dearly that it inspired her to create Kensington Palace Gardens (the first public botanical garden in England).

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