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April Birth Flower

April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea & Daisy


Sweet Pea | #496 in Floriography Today

Lathyrus odoratus
| Sweetpea | Sweet Pea |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: A meeting; Blissful pleasure; Chastity; Delicacy; Departure; Goodbye; I think of you; Meeting; Thank you for a lovely time;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Chastity; Courage; Friendship; Strength;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Wear Lathyrus odoratus for strength. • To keep someone chaste, place a nosegay of Lathyrus odoratus flowers in a vase in their bedroom. • Fresh Lathyrus odoratus flowers forge friendships. • Hold a Lathyrus odoratus flower in your hand to encourage the truth to be told to you.


Daisy | #120 in Floriography Today

Bellis perennis
| Aster bellis | Baimwort | Bellis alpina | Bellis armena | Bellis croatica | Bellis hortensis | Bellis hybrida | Bellis integrifolia | Bellis margaritifolia | Bellis minor | Bellis perennis caulescens | Bellis perennis discoidea | Bellis perennis fagetorum | Bellis perennis hybrida | Bellis perennis margaritifolia | Bellis perennis microcephala | Bellis perennis plena | Bellis perennis pumila | Bellis perennis pusilla | Bellis perennis rhodoglossa | Bellis perennis strobliana | Bellis perennis subcaulescens | Bellis perennis tubulosa | Bellis pumila | Bellis pusilla | Bellis scaposa | Bellis validula | Bruisewort | Common Daisy | Daisy | English Daisy | Erigeron perennis | Eye of the Day | Eyes | Field Daisy | Garden Daisy | Lawn Daisy | Llygady Dydd |Maudlinwort | Moon Daisy | Wild Daisy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Beauty; Beauty and innocence; Cheer; Cheer; Childlike playfulness; Contempt for worldly goods; Creativity; Decisions; Do you love me; Faith; Forever-young attitude; Gentleness; Gentleness on behalf of both giver and recipient; Happy-go-lucky; I partake your sentiments; I share your sentiments; I will think of it; I’ll Never tell; Innocence; Loyal love; Purity; Simplicity; Simplify; Strength; You have as many virtues as this daisy has petals;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Divination; Divination for love; Heightened awareness; Inner strength; Love; Lust;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Bellis perennis is a sentimental and much loved flower among lovers, poets and children. • It was once believed that if a Bellis perennis chain were wrapped around a child, the flower chain would protect the child from being stolen by fairies • If you sleep with a Bellis perennis root under your pillow your lost lover may return. • Wear a Bellis perennis flower to bring you love. • It was once believed that whoever it is that picks the very first Bellis perennis flower of the season will be uncontrollably flirtatious.


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