October Birth Flower

October Birth Flower – Marigold


Marigold | #147 in Floriography Today

Calendula officinalis
| Calendula | Calendula officinalis prolifera | Common Marigold | Drunkard | Garden Marigold | English Marigold | Husbandman’s Dial | Marigold | Marybud | Mary’s Gold | Pot Marigold | Prophetic Marigold | Prophetic Marygold | Ruddles | Scottish Marigold | Summer’s Bride | Throughout-The-Months |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Constructive loss; Cruelty; Despair; Fidelity; Grace; Grief; Health; Jealousy; Joy; Longevity; Pain; Sacred affection; Trouble;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Amorousness; Dream magic; Evil thoughts; Helps with Seeing Fairies; Legal matters; Prediction; Protection; Prophetic dreams; Psychic powers; Rebirth; Sleep;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Carry Calendula officinalis petals with a Laurus nobilis leaf to quiet gossip being passed around about you. • Calendula officinalis flower heads follow the sun like sunflowers do. • Early Christians would place Calendula officinalis flowers by statues of The Virgin Mary. • Calendula officinalis is considered to be one of the most sacred herbs of ancient India, the flower heads were commonly strung into garlands and used in temples and at weddings.

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