June Birth Flower

June Birth Flower – Rose & Honeysuckle


Rose | #757 in Floriography Today

| Hulthemia | Hulthemia x Rosa | Rhodon | Rose | Vareda | Vard | Wâr | Ward | Wrodon |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Balance; Beauty; Carrier of secrets and understanding; Divination; Equilibrium; Healing; Hope and passion; Love; Luck; Magic; Messenger of love; Passion; Perfection; Protection; Psychic powers; Strength through silence; Ultimate beauty;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Beauty; Divination; Healing; Love; Peace; Protection; Psychic powers; Purification;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: In 1840 there was a Rosa collection of over one thousand different cultivars, varieties and species planted at a Victorian arboretum and non-denominational cemetary in England called Abney Park Cemetary, which operated from 1840 to around 1978 and is now a public park. • In Roman times a wild Rosa would be put on the door of a room where confidential matters were being discussed.  Hence, the term sub rosa which meant “under the rose” meant, and still means, to keep a secret. • Plant Rosa in the garden to attract fairies to it. • Scatter Rosa petals around the home to alleviate stress and household problems that have surfaced and are upsetting.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Black: Beauty; Death; Farewell; Hatred; Impending Death; Rebirth; Rejuvenation;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Blue: Attaining the impossible; Mystery;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Blush: If you love me you will discover it; If you love me you will find me out;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Bridal: Bliss; Happiness; Happy Love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Burgundy: Implicitly; Unconscious beauty;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Coral: Desire; Enthusiasm; Happiness; Passion;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dark crimson: Mourning;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dark Pink: Thank You;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Deep Red: Bashful; Mourning;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dried white: Death before loss of innocence;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Green: Masculine energy;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Lavender: Enchantment; Love at first sight; Magic;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Light Pink: Admiration;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Orange: Desire; Enthusiasm; Fascination; Passion; Pride; Wonder;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pale: Friendship;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Peach: Appreciation; Closing of the deal; Gratitude; Immortality; Let’s Get Together; Modesty; Sincerity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink: Confidence; Desire; Elegance; Energy; Everlasting joy; Gentility; Grace; Grace and sweetness; Gratitude; Happiness; Indecision; Joy; Joy of life; Love; Passion; Perfect happiness; Perfection; Please believe Me; Romance; Romantic love; Secret love; Sweetness; Thankfulness; Thank you; Trust; You’re So Love; Youth

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red: Beauty; Congratulations; Courage; Desire; Healing; I Love You; Job Well Done; Love; Passion; Protection; Respect; Well done;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Striped or Variegated: Warmth of heart; Immediate affection; Love at first sight;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Unique color: Uniquely beautiful;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Violet: Admiration; Deepest love; Enchantment; Love at first sight; Magic; Majestic; Opulent; Special;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > White: Charm; Eternal love; Exorcism; Heavenly; Humility; I am worthy of you; Innocence; I would be single; Purity; Reverence; Secrecy; Silence; Virtue; Wistfulness; Worthiness; You’re Heavenly;  Youthfulness;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow: Apology; Caring; Dying Love; Friendship; Infidelity; Gladness; Jealousy; Joy; Love; Platonic Love; Remember Me; Welcome; Welcome back;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink and White together: I Love You Still And I Always Will;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red and White together: Together; Unity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Full bloom single stem any color: I Love You; Simplicity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow single and eleven Red: Love and Passion;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Orange and Yellow together: Passionate Thoughts;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red and Yellow together: Congratulations; Excitement; Happiness; Joy;

Rosa Bud:  see> Rosa (Bud) / Rose Bud
Rosa Bouquet in full-bloom: Gratitude;
Rosa Full-blown: You are beautiful
Rosa Garland: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Symbol of superior merit;
Rosa Crown: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Superior merit; Virtue;
Rosa Wreath: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Symbol of superior merit;
Rosa Leaf: I never trouble; You may hope;
Rosa One full-blown rose placed over two rosebuds: Secrecy;
Rosa Thornless: Affection; Early attachment;
Rosa Withered: Departed loveliness;



Honeysuckle | #165 in Floriography Today


| Lonicera | Monthly Honeysuckle |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Bonds of love; Domestic happiness; Inconstancy; I will not answer hastily; Lasting pleasure; Permanence and steadfastness; Sweet Disposition;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Money; Protection; Psychic powers;



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