January Birth Flower

January Birth Flower – Carnation & Snowdrop


Carnation | #300 in Floriography Today

Dianthus caryophyllus 
| Carnation | Clove Pink | Divine Flower | Gillies | Gilliflower | Jove’s Flower | Nelka | Pinks | Scaffold Flower | Sops-In-Wine |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Admiration; Bad luck; Bonds of affection; Dignity; Disappointed; Disdain; Distinction; Fascination; Good fortune; Good luck; Gratitude; Health and energy; Heavenly; Joy and commitment; Love; Misfortune; Pride; Pride and beauty; Pure and deep love; Pure love; Self-esteem; Strength; True love; Woman’s love;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Divination; Healing; Luck; Protection; Strength;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: In ancient Greece, Dianthus caryophyllus were the most loved of all flowers. • A corsage or nosegay made up of a Dianthus caryophyllus, a sprig of Rosmarinus officinalis, and a Geranium flower means: Love, Fidelity, and Hope. • Fresh red Dianthus caryophyllus in the room of a convalescing patient will promote strength and energy. • Wearing a Dianthus caryophyllus flower was popular during Elizabethan times because it was believed that the flower helped prevent being put to death on the scaffold.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink: A woman’s love; Deep love; I’ll never forget you; Sentimental love; A mother’s undying love; Always on my mind; A mother’s love; Mother’s Day symbol; Woman’s love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red: Admiration; Admiration from afar; Affection; Alas! For my poor heart; Ardent love; Desire; Desires that never come to pass; Forlorn; My heart aches for you; Poor heart; Pure; Pure and ardent love; Deep Romantic Love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Light Red: Admiration;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dark Red: Affection; Alas for my poor heart; Deep love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Deep Red: Affection; Alas for my poor heart; Deep love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Mauve: Dreams of fantasy;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Purple: Antipathy; Capriciousness; Changeability; Condolences; Whimsical; Changeable; Unreliability;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > White: Disdain; Innocence; Pure love; Purity; Sweet and lovely; Sweet Love; Good luck; Faithfulness;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow: Disappointment; Disdain; Rejection; You have disappointed me; Unreasonableness;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Solid: Yes; Acceptance; I want to be with you; Affirmative;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Striped: No; Refusal; Regret that love cannot be reciprocated; Rejection; Sorry, I can’t be with you;


Snowdrop | #377 in Floriography Today

Galanthus nivalis
| Candlemas Bells | Church Flower | Common Snowdrop | Dingle-Dangle | Fair Maid Of February | February Fairmaids | Maids Of February | Mary’s Tapers | Perce-Neige | Snowdrop | Snow Piercers |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Consolation; Friend in adversity; Friend in need; Hope; Hope in sorrow; Purity and hope;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: There is a superstition that it is unlucky to bring Galanthus nivalis into the home, and that supposedly merely the sight of a single Galanthus nivalis growing in the garden foretold a pending disaster.


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