A row of garden grows
We walked the long brick street
To There
The mossy ledge You stepped up to
You reached
I held My hand to You

Blooming flowers tucked in bed
I smiling nod My dreamy head
Careful not to crush a leaf
I look around and sigh relief
Toe to larkspur blue I climb
You lift
We start a pantomime

Just one kiss
Your scent so real
Through leather soft
Your heart I feel
I look into Your painted eyes
One kiss — Your only compromise
One kiss
I fall under Your spell
One kiss
I know Your lips so well
One kiss
I never know just when
You’ll find Me and We’ll kiss again

A row of houses stand
I drive on busy streets
To There
The grassy curb I pull up to
The front door opened wide by You

Blooming flowers are My gift
You’re smiling in Your sleep — adrift
Careful not to crush a leaf
You look at me with disbelief
Your nose to flowers white — You pause
I smile and whisper
“Just Because…”

I want to start the pantomime
I want to kiss Our Kiss this time
One kiss to start
never stop
We’ve used all kisses up

 by Suzanne Dietz

dedicated to Robert Smith

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