December Birth Flower

December – Poinsettia, Holly & Paperwhite Narcissus


Poinsettia | #348 in Floriography Today

Euphorbia pulcherrima
| Poinsettia | Noche Buena | Skin Flower | Flor de Pascua | Crown of the Andes | Christmas Flower | Christmas Eve Flower | Cuitlaxochitl | Easter Flower | Bent El Consu | The Consul’s Daughter |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Be of Good Cheer; Good cheer; Merriment;


Holly | #412 in Floriography Today

Hedera helix
| Bindwood | Common Ivy | English Ivy | Gort | Hedera acuta | Hedera arborea | Hedera baccifera | Hedera grandifolia | Ivy | Ivy Vine | Lovestone | Teardrop | Tree Ivy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Dependence; Endurance; Fidelity; Friendship; Happy love; Marriage; Matrimony; Wedded love; Friendship and Fidelity in marriage; Wedded Love;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Healing; Protection;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Hedera helix was once carried by women to bring luck. • Hedera helix is a symbol of eternal life to both pagans and Christians. • If Hedera helix is blended with Ilex aquifolium (Holly) at Christmas it is thought to bring peace to husband and wife in their home. • Hedera helix can climb up into the canopy of trees and grow so densely that the trees topple over from the weight of it all. • Although the mental vision of an ivy covered cottage is a romantic one, in actuality  Hedera helix aerial rootlets forcing into dry stacked stone, weakened mortar, and pushing under and through boards can be extensively destructive. • Where Hedera helix  grows or is strewn it will guard the area against disasters and negative energies.

Hedera helix Sprig: Longings;

Hedera helix Sprig of Tendrils: Affection; Anxious to please; Assiduous to please;



Paperwhite Narcissus | #595 in Floriography Today

Narcissus papyraceus
| Paperwhite | Paperwhite Narcissus |








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