Birth Flowers

The Romans Appreciated Flowers 

Flora is one of the most ancient goddesses of Roman religion. Flora was so special to the ancient Romans that she and was one of fifteen deities to have her own state-supported high priest. An annual six day festival celebrating The Goddess Flora is known as Floralia and is still celebrated today between April 28 – May 3. Back in ancient times the festival involved nude dancing, gladiator contests, theatrical performances, circus events, sacrifices to Flora, the ceremonial release of hares and goats, the scattering of legumes, all the while wearing colorful garments. Needless to say, the modern celebration of Floralia is significantly different and not nearly as overwhelming.

The ancient Romans adored the form, colors, and fragrances of all flowers. It is believed it was the ancient Romans who started the tradition of monthly birth flowers. Seasonal flowers were traditionally given as gifts and eventually the idea of having a particular flower represent a particular month, and consequently a celebration flower commemorating a birth month caught on and carries through to today. Over time, considering the locales and global blooming seasons, additional flowers were adopted.

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