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December Birth Flower

December – Poinsettia, Holly & Paperwhite Narcissus


Poinsettia | #348 in Floriography Today

Euphorbia pulcherrima
| Poinsettia | Noche Buena | Skin Flower | Flor de Pascua | Crown of the Andes | Christmas Flower | Christmas Eve Flower | Cuitlaxochitl | Easter Flower | Bent El Consu | The Consul’s Daughter |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Be of Good Cheer; Good cheer; Merriment;


Holly | #412 in Floriography Today

Hedera helix
| Bindwood | Common Ivy | English Ivy | Gort | Hedera acuta | Hedera arborea | Hedera baccifera | Hedera grandifolia | Ivy | Ivy Vine | Lovestone | Teardrop | Tree Ivy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Dependence; Endurance; Fidelity; Friendship; Happy love; Marriage; Matrimony; Wedded love; Friendship and Fidelity in marriage; Wedded Love;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Healing; Protection;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Hedera helix was once carried by women to bring luck. • Hedera helix is a symbol of eternal life to both pagans and Christians. • If Hedera helix is blended with Ilex aquifolium (Holly) at Christmas it is thought to bring peace to husband and wife in their home. • Hedera helix can climb up into the canopy of trees and grow so densely that the trees topple over from the weight of it all. • Although the mental vision of an ivy covered cottage is a romantic one, in actuality  Hedera helix aerial rootlets forcing into dry stacked stone, weakened mortar, and pushing under and through boards can be extensively destructive. • Where Hedera helix  grows or is strewn it will guard the area against disasters and negative energies.

Hedera helix Sprig: Longings;

Hedera helix Sprig of Tendrils: Affection; Anxious to please; Assiduous to please;



Paperwhite Narcissus | #595 in Floriography Today

Narcissus papyraceus
| Paperwhite | Paperwhite Narcissus |








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November Birth Flower

November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum | #209 in Floriography Today

| Chrysanth | Mums | Flower of Happiness | Flower of Life | Flower of The East |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Abundance; Abundance and Wealth; Abundance and loveliness; A heart left to desolation; Cheerfulness; Cheerfulness and rest; Cheerfulness in adversity; Fidelity; Happiness; Loveliness; Optimism; Promotes mental health; Wealth; You’re a wonderful friend;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Protection;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Chinese Feng Shui suggests that Chrysanthemum will bring happiness into the home. • During the years of Imperial Reign in China, common people were not permitted to grow Chrysanthemum, only Nobility had that privilege. • Chrysanthemum is a sacred flower in Asia. • In Malta and in Italy it is considered to be unlucky to have Chrysanthemum in the house.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red: I Love; I Love You; Love; Slighted Love;



• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow: Imperial; Scorned in love; Slighted love;

Chrysanthemum Spray: Hope;

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October Birth Flower

October Birth Flower – Marigold

English Marigold

Calendula officinalis
| Calendula | Calendula officinalis prolifera | Common Marigold | Drunkard | Garden Marigold | English Marigold | Husbandman’s Dial | Marigold | Marybud | Mary’s Gold | Pot Marigold | Prophetic Marigold | Prophetic Marygold | Ruddles | Scottish Marigold | Summer’s Bride | Throughout-The-Months |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Constructive loss; Cruelty; Despair; Fidelity; Grace; Grief; Health; Jealousy; Joy; Longevity; Pain; Sacred affection; Trouble;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Amorousness; Dream magic; Evil thoughts; Helps with Seeing Fairies; Legal matters; Prediction; Protection; Prophetic dreams; Psychic powers; Rebirth; Sleep;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Carry Calendula officinalis petals with a Laurus nobilis leaf to quiet gossip being passed around about you. • Calendula officinalis flower heads follow the sun like sunflowers do. • Early Christians would place Calendula officinalis flowers by statues of The Virgin Mary. • Calendula officinalis is considered to be one of the most sacred herbs of ancient India, the flower heads were commonly strung into garlands and used in temples and at weddings.

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September Birth Flower

September Birth Flower – Aster, Forget-Me-Not & Morning Glory


Aster | #105 in Floriography Today

| Acarnaceae | Ambrosiaceae | Anthemidaceae | Aposeridaceae | Arctotidaceae | Artemisiaceae | Aster | Athanasiaceae | Calendulaceae | Carduaceae | Cassiniaceae | Cichoriaceae | Compositae | Coreopsidaceae | Cosmos | Compositae | Cynaraceae | Daisy Echinopaceae | Eupatoriaceae | Helichrysaceae | Inulaceae | Lactucaceae | Mutisiaceae | Partheniaceae | Perdiciaceae | Senecionaceae | Vernoniaceae |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Daintiness; Love; Modesty; Orderly;



Forget-Me-Not | #587 in Floriography Today

| Forget-Me-Not | Mouse-Eared Scorpion-Grass | Scorpion-Grass |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Clinging to the past; Do not forget me; Faithful Love; Faithfulness; Forget me not; Humility; Links to the past; Memories; Remembering; Remembrances; True Love;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Healing; Secrecy;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Myosotis is a symbol of the human desire for loyalty. • Myosotis is also a symbol that signals shared secrets.



Morning Glory | #461 in Floriography Today

| Acmostemon | Batatas | Bindweed | Bonanox | Calonyction | Calycantherum | Convolvulus | Diatremis | Dimerodisus | Exogonium | Flying Saucers | Glory Flower | Heavenly Blue | Homoeos | Indian Jasmine | Mina | Morning Glory | Parasitipomoea | Pharbitis | Quamoclit | Wormweed |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Attachment; Bonds; Coquetry; Death; Death and rebirth; Deference; Embrace; Glorious beauty; Humility; I attach myself to you; Love in vain; Night; Obstinacy; Repose; She loves you; Spontaneity; Uncertainty; Willful promises;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Happiness; Peace;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Blue Ipomoea will bring peacefulness and happiness if grown in the garden. • Ipomoea seeds under the pillow will supposedly stop all nightmares.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink: Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection;

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August Birth Flower

August Birth Flower – Gladiolus & Poppy



Gladiolus | #397 in Floriography Today

| Corn Lilies | Glad | Sword Lily |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Flower of the gladiators; Generosity; Give me a break; I’m sincere; Infatuation;Integrity; Love at first sight; Moral integrity; Ready armed; Remembrance; Strength; Strong character; Strength Of Character; Vibrancy; You pierce my heart;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Gladiolus grew wild in the Holy Land and along the coast of Africa so abundantly that they are thought to be the actual “Lilies of The Field” that Jesus spoke of in his Sermon On The Mount.



Poppy | #636 in Floriography Today

Papaver orientale
| Blind Buff | Blindeyes | Headaches | Head Waak | Oriental Poppy | Poppy | Scarlet Poppy | White Poppy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Dreaminess; Eternal sleep; Fantastic extravagance; Imagination; Oblivion;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Fertility; Fruitfulness; Invisibility; Love; Luck; Magic; Money; Sleep;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: At one time Papaver orientale seed pods were gilded and worn to attract wealth. • An interesting divination that could be used to answer a perplexing question is to write the question on a piece of paper using blue ink then folding it up and tucking it within a Papaver orientale seed pod.  Put the pod under your pillow before sleeping to facilitate a dream that will answer the question.


• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > White: Consolation; Dreams; Peace;

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July Birth Flower

July Birth Flower –  Larkspur, Water Lily & Delphinium 


Larkspur | #248 in Floriography Today

| Larkspur |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Levity; Lightness; Open Heart; Swiftness;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Fend off ghosts; Fend off scorpions; Fend off venomous creatures; Health; Protection;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Consolida is believed to keep ghosts away.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink: Fickleness; Lightness;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Purple: Haughtiness;


Waterlily | #608 in Floriography Today


| Water Lily |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Eloquence; Harmony; Modesty; Purity; Purity of heart; Soothing;



Delphinium | #295 in Floriography Today

| Elijah’s Chariot | Lark’s Claw | Lark’s Heel | Little Larkspur | Low Larkspur | Montane Larkspur |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Ability to transcend the bounds of space and time; Airy; An open heart; Ardent attachment; Big-Hearted; Fickleness; Fun; Heavenly; Hilarity; Levity; Lightness;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Lightness; Swiftness; Drive away scorpions;





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June Birth Flower

June Birth Flower – Rose & Honeysuckle


Rose | #757 in Floriography Today

| Hulthemia | Hulthemia x Rosa | Rhodon | Rose | Vareda | Vard | Wâr | Ward | Wrodon |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Balance; Beauty; Carrier of secrets and understanding; Divination; Equilibrium; Healing; Hope and passion; Love; Luck; Magic; Messenger of love; Passion; Perfection; Protection; Psychic powers; Strength through silence; Ultimate beauty;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Beauty; Divination; Healing; Love; Peace; Protection; Psychic powers; Purification;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: In 1840 there was a Rosa collection of over one thousand different cultivars, varieties and species planted at a Victorian arboretum and non-denominational cemetary in England called Abney Park Cemetary, which operated from 1840 to around 1978 and is now a public park. • In Roman times a wild Rosa would be put on the door of a room where confidential matters were being discussed.  Hence, the term sub rosa which meant “under the rose” meant, and still means, to keep a secret. • Plant Rosa in the garden to attract fairies to it. • Scatter Rosa petals around the home to alleviate stress and household problems that have surfaced and are upsetting.

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Black: Beauty; Death; Farewell; Hatred; Impending Death; Rebirth; Rejuvenation;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Blue: Attaining the impossible; Mystery;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Blush: If you love me you will discover it; If you love me you will find me out;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Bridal: Bliss; Happiness; Happy Love;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Burgundy: Implicitly; Unconscious beauty;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Coral: Desire; Enthusiasm; Happiness; Passion;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dark crimson: Mourning;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dark Pink: Thank You;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Deep Red: Bashful; Mourning;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Dried white: Death before loss of innocence;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Green: Masculine energy;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Lavender: Enchantment; Love at first sight; Magic;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Light Pink: Admiration;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Orange: Desire; Enthusiasm; Fascination; Passion; Pride; Wonder;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pale: Friendship;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Peach: Appreciation; Closing of the deal; Gratitude; Immortality; Let’s Get Together; Modesty; Sincerity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink: Confidence; Desire; Elegance; Energy; Everlasting joy; Gentility; Grace; Grace and sweetness; Gratitude; Happiness; Indecision; Joy; Joy of life; Love; Passion; Perfect happiness; Perfection; Please believe Me; Romance; Romantic love; Secret love; Sweetness; Thankfulness; Thank you; Trust; You’re So Love; Youth

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red: Beauty; Congratulations; Courage; Desire; Healing; I Love You; Job Well Done; Love; Passion; Protection; Respect; Well done;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Striped or Variegated: Warmth of heart; Immediate affection; Love at first sight;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Unique color: Uniquely beautiful;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Violet: Admiration; Deepest love; Enchantment; Love at first sight; Magic; Majestic; Opulent; Special;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > White: Charm; Eternal love; Exorcism; Heavenly; Humility; I am worthy of you; Innocence; I would be single; Purity; Reverence; Secrecy; Silence; Virtue; Wistfulness; Worthiness; You’re Heavenly;  Youthfulness;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow: Apology; Caring; Dying Love; Friendship; Infidelity; Gladness; Jealousy; Joy; Love; Platonic Love; Remember Me; Welcome; Welcome back;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Pink and White together: I Love You Still And I Always Will;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red and White together: Together; Unity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Full bloom single stem any color: I Love You; Simplicity;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Yellow single and eleven Red: Love and Passion;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Orange and Yellow together: Passionate Thoughts;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red and Yellow together: Congratulations; Excitement; Happiness; Joy;

Rosa Bud:  see> Rosa (Bud) / Rose Bud
Rosa Bouquet in full-bloom: Gratitude;
Rosa Full-blown: You are beautiful
Rosa Garland: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Symbol of superior merit;
Rosa Crown: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Superior merit; Virtue;
Rosa Wreath: Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Reward of virtue; Symbol of superior merit;
Rosa Leaf: I never trouble; You may hope;
Rosa One full-blown rose placed over two rosebuds: Secrecy;
Rosa Thornless: Affection; Early attachment;
Rosa Withered: Departed loveliness;



Honeysuckle | #165 in Floriography Today


| Lonicera | Monthly Honeysuckle |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Bonds of love; Domestic happiness; Inconstancy; I will not answer hastily; Lasting pleasure; Permanence and steadfastness; Sweet Disposition;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Money; Protection; Psychic powers;



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May Birth Flower

  1. May Birth Flower – Lily-of-the-Valley & Hawthorne

Lily-of-the-Valley | #249 in Floriography Today

Convallaria majalis  
| Convall Lily | Convall-lily | Convallaria | Jacob’s Ladder | Jacob’s Tears | Ladder To Heaven | Ladder-to-Heaven | Lily Constancy | Lily Constancy | Lily of the Valley | Lily-of-the-Valley | Male Lily | May Bells | May Lily | May Lily | Muguet | Our Lady’s Tears |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Christ’s second coming; Fortune in love; Good luck; Happiness and purity of heart; Humility; Joy; Purity of heart; Return of happiness; Returning happiness; Sociability; Sweet; Sweetness; Tears of The Virgin Mary; Trustworthy; Unconscious sweetness; You’ve made my life complete;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Happiness; Healing; Making the right choice; Mental clarity; Mental powers; Power of people to visualize a better world;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Put Convallaria majalis in a room to uplift and cheer all the people in it.


Hawthorn | #266 in Floriography Today

| Bread and Cheese Tree | English Hawthorn | Gaxels | Glastonbury Thorn | Hagthorn | Halves | Haw | Hawberry Tree | Haweater Tree | Hawthorn Tree | Hazels | Huath | Ladies’ Meat | May | Mayblossom | May Blossom | May Bush | May Flower | Mayflower | May Tree | Quick | Quick-Set | Shan-cha | Thorn | Thorn Apple | Thornapple Tree | Tree of Chastity | White Thorn |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Duality; Chastity; Contradictions; Hope; Male energy; Union of opposites; Spring;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Chastity; Continuity; Death; Fertility; Fishing Magic; Happiness; Hope;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: There is a legend that Joseph of Arimathea went to Britain to carry the message of Christ there. At one point, he pushed his staff in the ground to sleep nearby. When he awoke he discovered the staff had taken root, grew, and blossomed into a Crataegus Tree. It is said that he left the staff there, undisturbed and that it flowered every Christmas and again every spring. Cuttings had since been taken of it, and one of those cuttings were planted near Glastonbury Abbey, and grows there still today as the Glastonbury Thorn. A branch of this particular tree is annually displayed at Christmastime at Buckingham Palace in London, England. • The Romans attached Crataegus leaves to baby cradles to repel evil spirits. • In Medieval Europe if Crataegus branches were brought inside it was an omen of illness and death for one member of the household. • Crataegus is considered one of a witch’s favorite plants. In the spring on Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht), when witches supposedly turn themselves into Crataegus Trees, the Crataegus is to be avoided. • Because of it’s correspondence with fertility, Crataegus has been added into spring wedding flowers. • Put Crataegus under a mattress and around a bedroom to maintain or even enforce chastity. • Tuck a Crataegus leaf into your hat to promote a good catch when fishing. • Wear a spring of Crataegus if troubled, sad, or depressed to help return you to a state of happiness. • Sprigs or leaves of Crataegus place around the home will protect it against lightning and storm damaged. • Sprigs or leaves of Crataegus place around the home will protect it evil, and malicious ghosts. • Crataegus is sacred to fairies. • It is believed that one will be able to see fairies where these three trees grow together: Crategus, Quercus, and  Fraxinus excelsior.

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April Birth Flower

April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea & Daisy


Sweet Pea | #496 in Floriography Today

Lathyrus odoratus
| Sweetpea | Sweet Pea |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: A meeting; Blissful pleasure; Chastity; Delicacy; Departure; Goodbye; I think of you; Meeting; Thank you for a lovely time;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Chastity; Courage; Friendship; Strength;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Wear Lathyrus odoratus for strength. • To keep someone chaste, place a nosegay of Lathyrus odoratus flowers in a vase in their bedroom. • Fresh Lathyrus odoratus flowers forge friendships. • Hold a Lathyrus odoratus flower in your hand to encourage the truth to be told to you.


Daisy | #120 in Floriography Today

Bellis perennis
| Aster bellis | Baimwort | Bellis alpina | Bellis armena | Bellis croatica | Bellis hortensis | Bellis hybrida | Bellis integrifolia | Bellis margaritifolia | Bellis minor | Bellis perennis caulescens | Bellis perennis discoidea | Bellis perennis fagetorum | Bellis perennis hybrida | Bellis perennis margaritifolia | Bellis perennis microcephala | Bellis perennis plena | Bellis perennis pumila | Bellis perennis pusilla | Bellis perennis rhodoglossa | Bellis perennis strobliana | Bellis perennis subcaulescens | Bellis perennis tubulosa | Bellis pumila | Bellis pusilla | Bellis scaposa | Bellis validula | Bruisewort | Common Daisy | Daisy | English Daisy | Erigeron perennis | Eye of the Day | Eyes | Field Daisy | Garden Daisy | Lawn Daisy | Llygady Dydd |Maudlinwort | Moon Daisy | Wild Daisy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Beauty; Beauty and innocence; Cheer; Cheer; Childlike playfulness; Contempt for worldly goods; Creativity; Decisions; Do you love me; Faith; Forever-young attitude; Gentleness; Gentleness on behalf of both giver and recipient; Happy-go-lucky; I partake your sentiments; I share your sentiments; I will think of it; I’ll Never tell; Innocence; Loyal love; Purity; Simplicity; Simplify; Strength; You have as many virtues as this daisy has petals;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Divination; Divination for love; Heightened awareness; Inner strength; Love; Lust;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Bellis perennis is a sentimental and much loved flower among lovers, poets and children. • It was once believed that if a Bellis perennis chain were wrapped around a child, the flower chain would protect the child from being stolen by fairies • If you sleep with a Bellis perennis root under your pillow your lost lover may return. • Wear a Bellis perennis flower to bring you love. • It was once believed that whoever it is that picks the very first Bellis perennis flower of the season will be uncontrollably flirtatious.


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March Birth Flower

March Birth Flower – Daffodil & Jonquil


Daffodil | #593 in Floriography Today

| Daffadown Dilly | Daffydowndilly | Daffodil | Great Daffodil | Narcissus major |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Annunciation; Appreciation of honesty; Beauty; Chivalry; Clarity of thought; Contentment; Deceitful hopes; Egotism; Energy that comes from being in love; Excessive self-love; Faith; Forgiveness; Formality; Forthrightness; High regards; Honesty; Hope; Inner beauty; Love; New beginnings; Promise of Eternal Life; Regard; Rebirth; Renewal; Respect; Resurrection and Rebirth; Self-esteem; Self concept; Self-love; Simple pleasures; Singular love and chivalry; Stay as sweet as you are; Sunlight; Sunshine; The sun shines when I’m with you; Truth; Uncertainty; Unrequited love; Unreturned love; Vanity; You’re the only one; Vanity and Death; Vanity and egoism;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Aphrodisiac; Fertility; Love; Luck;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: The Narcissus is the flower of The Underworld. • Animals do not eat the Narcissus flower because the sap contains sharp crystals. • Wear a Narcissus flower over your heart for good luck. • During Medieval times in Europe it was thought that if a Narcissus drooped while it was being looked at, it was an omen of death. • Chicken farmers were superstitious and would not allow Narcissus into their homes as they believed they were unlucky and would stop their hens from laying eggs or keep the eggs from hatching. • In Maine there is a superstition that if you point at a Narcissus with your index finger it will not bloom. • The Chinese believe that the Narcissus is lucky and will bring good luck for an entire year if forced to bloom during the Chinese New Year. • Fresh Narcissus flowers in a vase in the bedroom bodes well for fertility.



Jonquil | #594 in Floriography Today

Narcissus jonquilla
| Jonquil | Jonquille |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection returned; Desire; Desires fulfilled; Longings; Love me; Return my affection; Sympathy; I desire a return of affection; Have pity on my passion; Return my affection; Violent Sympathy and Desire;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: The favorite flower of England’s Queen Anne, who loved the Narcissus jonquilla so dearly that it inspired her to create Kensington Palace Gardens (the first public botanical garden in England).

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