About Floriography

The Secret Language & The Magical Powers of Flowers

Today most people who are familiar with the word “Floriography know it to be the secret language of flowers. Floriography is certainly that. Send any woman a perfect single red rose and she will automatically read “Love” into the gesture. Considering that is so, it is no big wonder why the red rose is THE flower of choice on Valentine’s Day.

It is quite true that Floriography is the unspoken language of the flowers. Sometimes a sweet language. Sometimes it is one that is cruel. Most of the time, though, it is so convoluted that it could be the source of troubling confusion that will absolutely boggle the mind, which will be begging for clarification.

But, aside from conveying a message, Floriographytodayis actually about so much more.

Consider this about Floriography: every major religion has at least one tree, plant or flower that is considered to be entirely sacred. Holy. Actually, many more than merely a few. Some are so holy that to remove them from a religious ritual would be unthinkable.

Floriography reveals the symbolism of certain trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and flowers.

In Floriography, certain trees, plants, flowers, fruits, and seeds have representative symbolism they present for a wide variety of reasons…perhaps religious, perhaps magical, perhaps legendary…it all depends. And, the symbolism might apply to as many purposes. This  is how it has been throughout the course of human history.

In addition, over time, the symbolism has increased to encompass wider…still…while continuing onward alongside the earlier symbols. Thus, in Floriography, there can be one plant with many meanings…some contrary to another for the same plant…and multiple symbols that might also be contrary to its own self. At any rate, they mean and represent something.

That something requires research. Most often, to be on the enlightened side of comprehension, that research extends to each individual instance and occurrence. Being clued into what’s what requires diligence.

Floriography defines The Spriritual and The Magical Power of a flower.

When it comes to Floriography’s power, the power of a particular tree, plant or flower might easily be more legend than fact. However, oddly enough, there is a great deal of fact. It depends on belief. The more belief, the more power. And this power is increased the more and the longer it is believed to have the ability to resonate or vibrate in a particular manner. Power is cumulative.

In folk magic it is common…in some cases absolutely habitual…that a particular plant is believed to harness a particular power or powers. That is why one plant is selected over another that might not have the power that is desired for use in a particular spell. Then again, certain spells can be enabled or banished as the particular plant decays or the fragrance dissipates. It all depends on the what, the why, the how, the when, and the who involved. Spell-casting is an art form. Those who can do it well have confidence in the plants that have been selected because it is understood that the power or powers have proven to be dependably potent over time and practice.

Floriography will help you plan the perfect personalized garden.

Floriography has a growing interest when planning an event or a garden, drawing positive energy towards you or pushing negative energies away. Explore the possibilities so that you can incorporate the meanings, the symbolism, and the power of trees, plants and flowers into your life.

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